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9EGG-SC - 9 Egg Incubator

Brand: HHD
Egg Capacity: 9 chicken egg & 4 duck eggs
Function: Automatic temperature control and display temp & humid limit alarm
Usage: Bird, Chicken, Duck & Quail hatching
Size: 26*9*26.5cm

- Built-in automatic and efficient LED egg candler light.
- Low noise fan, reasonable circulation air duct.
- Automatic temperature control.
- Manual Egg Turning
- Build-in fan to circulate air.
- CE Approved
- Special wet sponge humidification design,preventing too much water to affect machine hatching.
- Omni-directional constant temperature. Round design hot air duct runs through the front and back.
- Transparent lid - easy for observing, used for teaching.
- LED display with temperature control.

Price:  R 599,00  

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