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CORD3 - 3 Point plug Kettle Cord - 3 Pack

Used for the power connection between a PC Monitor , HDTV & PC Power Supply to 3pin SA Electrical Plug. Also Known as "Kettle Cord Cable"

- Cable can be used on electrical appliances up to 250V
- 3 pin SA plug to IEC (Kettle Cord) C13 Plug

High quality and durable power cable assembly or power cord for connecting an appliance to a South African mains power supply. This power cord is fully equipped with South African 3 pin mains plug on one end and an IEC C13 type connector on the other that connects to the appliance.

The power lead features integrated strain reliefs that provide additional protection and support to the connectors

What is This Cable Assembly Used With?
IEC C13 power cords or IEC leads are for use with IEC Class I appliances and are mainly used in computer equipment but can also be used in some domestic and commercial appliances. The most common applications include the following:

-Personal Computers and hard drives
-Test equipment
-Power distribution devices
-Server and network equipment
-Instrumentation amplifiers
-IT equipment

What's in the box
3 X Plug Cord

Price:  R 249,00  

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